TEDxMesaCCRedMountain Speaker: Jennifer Longdon.

Speaker:  Jennifer Longdon Jennifer Longdon , Jennifer Longdon is a Phoenix-based writer and activist who has dedicated herself to improving the lives of Arizonans through advocacy and awareness. Jen was paralyzed in a random shooting in 2004. Since then she has worked tirelessly to create changes in policy impacting disability rights and gun violence prevention to build stronger, healthier communities.

Jennifer has advocated at the Arizona State Capitol, U.S. Congress, and the city level for new laws that will keep Arizonans safe. She is a TEDx speaker and has been featured in various news publications locally, nationally and internationally. She has worked as a trainer for the Maricopa County Elections Board, and currently works as the Communications Coordinator for Ability360 and as Editor of their quarterly LivAbility Magazine.

Jennifer has served on the Phoenix Mayor’s Commission on Disability Issues, Phoenix Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Council, the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Public Impact Panel and the Statewide Independent Living Council, among other boards and commissions. She is a graduate of Center for Progressive Leadership (2010) and Emerge Arizona’s candidate training programs (2012).

Currently, Jen is seeking the office of State Representative.


Expertise: Law and Civic Engagement.